Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Big Quilt Bee

I've moved twice and carried three grocery bags of remnants from the clothing I made my boys when they were little. I just couldn't part with them. So I made one quilt top for one of my boys and I still had some leftovers. Again, I could not throw them out. 

Then in one of my Facebook quilt groups, there came a post asking for quilt blocks to be made from leftover fabric to donate to make quilts for the sick children staying at Ronald McDonald houses across Canada. A light bulb went out in my brain and I once more took out my pieces of left over fabric. My intention was to make one block, but then I made two and then three. Until of course I had made twelve, enough for a small quilt top. I sewed them together and mailed the quilt top off so that it could be finished by a group of ladies belonging to the Canadian Quilter's Association. 

I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. I'm hoping the recipient child will love it as much as I enjoyed making it.

#bigquiltbee   #canada150

Monday, March 2, 2015

Crochet dog sweater

After supper, I love to sit and crochet while I watch tv. I have a lot of yarn that I've picked up at garage sales .... usually left overs from somebody's project. Just enough to make dog sweaters. Then because my poodle has enough, I usually send off my creations to charities to use or sell to make money for their organization. It gives me a creative outlet and I love giving and helping out charities anyways. 

My poodle is modeling a pattern that I love making. It is rather simple and easy to make. Since I am not great at reading and understanding written patterns, I've turned to to help me out. This is one such how to video that I followed to create this sweater.

Then I wrote down the directions in my own language so that I could understand. Here are the links to get you started if you want to create your own doggie sweaters:

Dog sweater video one

Dog sweater video two

Dog sweater video three
Dog sweater video four

Dog Sweater video five

Dog sweater video six

What I love about videos is that you can stop and restart them to review something you don't understand. Once I got the gist of the front post and back post stitch, this dog sweater was a breeze to work up!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Reindeer slippers

These cute little slippers I fell in love with from this designer:
Reindeer slippers pattern

I love her patterns and have bought several.I should have taken a better photograph but I was in a hurry to get them out for Christmas.

The pattern for this was spot on. The directions were wonderful and easy to follow. What took the most time was stitching all the extras, nose, ears, horns to the slippers but well worth it in the end.

This pair went to a little boy named Jasper because whenever I visit with his mom, he loves to help me pull the yarn from my ball. His mom tells me that he doesn't take them off for nothing even to sleep.

So since I have no grand children yet, I'm practicing and bestowing my whimsical creations on other people's children!

These were pretty easy to do. A perfect project when I sit in front of the television after supper!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Life takes over

As much as I want to, sometimes life takes completely over and crafting falls by the side. We have had such a beautiful Fall that we have been taking advantage of the beautiful weather.

So, I have been playing crafting hooky. I feel no guilt whatsoever. Where I live, the Winter is long enough and if you can cheat and hang onto Summer, you do so with all your might.

The pups have enjoyed being out and about when normally we have a foot of snow. We held off to the bitter end and Winter brought cold temps overnight. Once, I've caught up the house and baked a bit for the holidays, I am going to sneak into my craft room and create to my heart's content. Stay tuned!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Baby flip flops

 We went camping this summer and I took along some yarn and my crochet hook. I had been wanting to try out this pattern for a while. They are super cute and very well made. This was a free pattern I picked up off the net.

 Crochet flip flops free pattern

It worked up well and by the second pair, I was an old hand at it. I made these to donate to a local charity as a fund raiser.

Because I haven't crocheted much in the past few years, it took me time to relearn how to crochet. If you think you can't make these, be aware that when I'm unsure of what I'm doing, I find tutorials on Youtube. They are invaluable as a resource!

Grab your hook and try them out!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sock monkey slippers

These slippers have got to be the cutest slippers I've created in a long time. The next time I make them, instead of the slip stitch around the ankle I will try a row of single crochet. This pattern was easy to do and looks awesome!

Here is the link for the free pattern:


Saturday, August 9, 2014

Learning a new toy...

I priced out what it would cost to do embroidery lettering for work. Turns out, for what I need, if I bought a machine and did it myself, the machine would be paid off in three years. So I've been playing with it and learning so that I can do the lettering on the work shirts for work.

I did these two t-shirts up, one for my sister and one for her grandson. I like how they turned out.

Yes, I was a bit stressed lol.

Love this machine! Can hardly wait to do the work lettering. Going to have to practice on some old shirts first.