Saturday, August 25, 2012

Came across this Bench I painted for my God daughter

I found the pattern for this cute little bench in a magazine and painted it for Christmas for my God Daughter several years ago. Unfortunately, the winter scene on the back of the bench is not very clear as the flash washed out the colors. Since then, I've acquired a digi camera (after vowing never to buy one!) and love how one can see immediately the photos.  I'd like to paint this again one day. This is one of the things I want to do again, paint. I have a love affair with paint, I love everything about it. My God Daughter is going into Grade 6 this year, how time flies, I painted this when she was just a little gaffer.

I'm trying to slow my life down a bit so I can actually create once again. We were out camping last week and I saw a woman toting a rag jean blanket to the campfire and I thought, I miss sewing and making quilts especially. So when I slow down the work part of my life these are some of the things I want to create again. I love scrap-booking, genealogy and anything creative! It's just a part of me.

Friday, August 24, 2012

I'm a copic marker fan

So when I saw that Custom Crops carried Spectrum Noir markers for a fraction of the cost, I decided to order four sets and take them for a run. They are on their way out to me in Canuck land as we speak. In the mean time, I went checking out various reviews. This is where it gets a bit interesting. Most of those that bought Spectrum Noir markers were already proficient with Copics. I don't know about you but, it took me a while to get the hang of blending with the Copics. What really made me scratch my head with the comparison was that those reviews that I saw had hardly used the Spectrum Noir markers. To be fair, one would have to practice for a bit longer than one or two stamped images to really make sure one was being fair in the assessment. The difference between the two markers mainly is the brush tip of the Copics over a solid tip of the Spectrums. That brush tip gave me grief until I got use to it. What if I don't like the Spectrum Noir markers? I'll use them up and then I'll continue to buy copics. In the mean time, I'll give them a fair chance once I get them. They'll arrive here in about two weeks, takes time to get through Customs.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Photo Corners

These are from the digi cart called Photo Corners, I think. I made up sheets of them on my gypsy and most of them were good. The fourth cut on my gypsy was horrid to cut and so I just chucked it all in the garbage. I tried a new blade and my mat was fairly sticky but not overly. The three in the photo cut nicely for the most part. I cut them at 1.5 inches and I really like that size. I have two more kinds to cut, but I simply ran out of gas after a full day at work. I'm pleased with what I have so far.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cricut bookmarks

I never thought I'd be able to make these bookmarks. First of all, I'm not really good with the gypsy, secondly, I'm a chicken.

These are some of the free downloads I've been cutting all afternoon. I'm pleased how well they cut. I did try them with different papers and the thicker card stock cut better. I've cut a variety of sizes and colors but they are not finished yet and have been put in baggies for a rainy day, as I'm running out of time to cut everything I wanted. The projects will wait to be put together later...for now I'm back to cutting cutting cutting!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Making myself learn the gypsy

I've been a Circle member on the Provo Craft boards since the beginning. This year, the Circle has changed dramatically and we've had some new things offered to us as members. For the month of August only, we are allowed to cut the digi mini carts (for lack of a better word) for free. Man, now I had to learn the gypsy because there are a few cuts I really wanted. So last night I sat down and made a list. It was much easier to look at them in CCR, the on line program but easier to cut with the gypsy. I refused to let  my fear of that machine get me. Watched some good videos on Obsessed with Scrapbooking blog with Joy and started to place images on the mat ready to cut. I cut about 36 bookmarks last night and then I started putting on the mat 3D trees. I think I just fell in love with the gypsy that Ive struggled so much to learn! Tonight, I'm going back to placing more cuts on the mats in my gypsy. Can't wait to cut again. Geez, now I think I'm hooked...took me long enough!

Monday, August 6, 2012

I'm a great one for starting all kinds of projects!

But finishing is another thing altogether. So, I decided to finish all those started projects one at a time. This is one of them, been crocheting it for over two years, mostly during the winter months. I have stopped twice to make two other afghans for special people. So last night, while watching the Olympics, I decided to finish the last three rows. Then while everyone was having showers, I tied the fringe on both sides and cut them all to 5 inches in length. For a change, I am keeping this one as I usually give away my blankets. My poodle on the other hand, thinks it's "hers" and has already set her mark by pulling a few yarns with her toe nails...which I will be fixing shortly...

My aunt Alice gave me the pattern and it's called Navaho Blanket. She made hers with all left over yarns, which was right up my alley as I always buy bags of left over yarn at yard sales. Over the years, I have acquired bag fulls of baby yarn and decided to use some of them up for this blanket. I used three strands of baby yarn at a time and crocheted in various colors in the amounts I had. There was no rhyme or reason to how the colors were chosen, I just continued to crochet with what I had available.

This blanket is one of my favorite ones, it's nice and thick and warm! Gonna pop it into the wash and then it will be ready for cool winter evenings while I'm watching TV!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's just too hot to create!

We don't have air conditioning. Not that it matters, the heat seems to be sucking the energy out of me during the day at work. I have been watering in the garden every morning and picking and freezing all kinds of vegetables. The little bit of creating I've been doing is in the kitchen. I had really delicious raspberries and my son wanted some dairy free home made ice cream. I found a recipe on the net for raspberry ice cream made with coconut milk. So we made up a batch and the boy thought that he'd died and gone to Heaven. Tonight we made a chocolate orange ice cream. I don't think we will ever buy ice cream again!

So my afghan that I have 3 rows left on it to finish, sits in the rocking chair waiting for the weather too cool. My rocking chairs need to be sanded outside or in the garage and they too are waiting for the weather too cool. The flies are horrendous and the horses and dogs are suffering so we fire up the bug zappers every night and plug them up because we have sooooo many flies and mosquitos. The horse flies are the size of rockets!

The extent of my crafting? Well, I ordered a few more carts from and bought more paper (shhhhh don't tell everyone how much I really have!) I bought new blades for my cricut too....oh and some mats. I'm hoping to have time, once the garden slows down to create once again.

A bit more than 20 drops of rain at a time would help my crafting greatly!