Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cricut bookmarks

I never thought I'd be able to make these bookmarks. First of all, I'm not really good with the gypsy, secondly, I'm a chicken.

These are some of the free downloads I've been cutting all afternoon. I'm pleased how well they cut. I did try them with different papers and the thicker card stock cut better. I've cut a variety of sizes and colors but they are not finished yet and have been put in baggies for a rainy day, as I'm running out of time to cut everything I wanted. The projects will wait to be put together later...for now I'm back to cutting cutting cutting!


  1. These are looking good. I sadly have not cut out anything from CCR! :(

    1. Michelle, these downloaded onto my gypsy for free until the end of the month. I've never cut from my gypsy before this. I got up my courage and tried it, been cutting ever since like a mad woman! :-)

  2. Oh My - these are awesome - love them. TFS