Monday, September 17, 2012

Back orders! Still waiting for the remainder of my Spectrums...

I have my new smooth paper, I have my Spectrum Noir how to DVD, but the Spectrums from Custom Crops are still on back order! That means all my new cool stamps are on the back order order. *sigh* I did play some tonight and I love the new paper that Spectrum Noir suggests for their markers. It definitely works great with my Copics. I'm going to watch my how to DVD because I know there's a different technique to the Spectrums than the Copics. I've just been picking all my veggies in the garden and really haven't had much time to play. I'm anxious for fall work to be done so I can create. Laying in bed and dreaming about creating just doesn't cut the mustard for me. I think some of my orders coming from the US are on a slow boat to China, because some of my orders have been ordered three weeks ago. I really wish there were more distributors in Canada for the crafting supplies that I've been ordering from the US. Ah well a wee bit more patience....

On the bright side, I've been working on those rocking chairs....stay tuned! 


  1. Can't wait to see! (Please don't make me want those markers :P )

  2. Just got my back order last Thursday. It can take up to three weeks and sometimes more. This time it took almost 5 weeks.