Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Finished Grandpere's rocking chair

My grandpere's rocking chair, about 100 years old, is finally finished. I did some digging and found a photo of it's original condition. It had no paint or finish on some parts of it. At some places, it looked like the chair had had stripper left on it and the wood looked like it had been eaten. I did the best I could sanding and more sanding. I rinsed the chemical off carefully with the car wash, let it dry really well and sanded some more.

Here is my chair finished. I'd say it's a massive improvement.

A bit of a closer look at the fine detailed carving.

I started applying the gel stain with an old rag, let it dry completely and applied a second coat. It was relatively smooth so I applied one coat of urethane varnish. Let it dry completely and lightly sanded the whole chair and then wiped it down completely to remove all the sanding dust. One final coat of urethane varnish was once again applied.
It's been a long and drawn out process but so entirely worth it.

I have never had so much trouble cutting out a chicken with my E2

Today, my wonderful E2 decided to drive me crazy. I first called Provo Craft and had to update my E2. The young lady that first spoke to me assured me that my beautiful machine would not bite the dust with an update. I could not get the update to work. Called PC again and got another rep who walked me and my son (remember I am techno challenged) through getting the update to work with my Norten antivirus. Seems there's been a Norten update that messes with PC's update program. Got that updated. Then I reset my machine. Still my cricut would cut across my cuts when moving from one place of the cut to another. One more time, I called PC and we figured out that my blade housing was defective. I took my blade housing out of my pink E and popped it into my E2. Voila, my beautiful machine was making perfect cuts again. PC is sending me a new blade housing in  a couple of days. I am a happy camper.

This layout was inspired from a pin on Pinterest. Of course it looks nothing like the original pin, but I'm quite pleased with this layout. Darn chicken gave me grey hair to cut out!

Two photographs of farm related activities are on their way from the photo processor. I've been trying to use more prints on my layouts because, well, I have lots of stacks of prints that I have to start using. This layout is simple but I'm pretty pleased with it.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Let's try it with a new video from the Purling Sprite

After much frustration, I looked back at the printed directions I had found on the Simplicity Creative Group website (see link below). There are three different directions one can use. Since I did not have the proper spool loom and the flower loom with the pegs removed did not work, I was ready to try another way. The directions stated that this same scarf could be created on a long loom or a round loom. The directions were not very clear for my older brain. So off I went to Youtube once again and I searched making this scarf on the long loom. The Purling Sprite came to my rescue and then I finally understood the directions. And yes, I'm really pleased on how this scarf is turning out! 

Long loom scarf directions
(video link)

 Before starting to knit, I found that I had a wrong and right side to my yarn, most scarf yarns don't have that but this one does.
 Be careful if your yarn has a right side or a wrong side to it. For mine, I had to start on the opposite side of the loom to make sure that the pattern was on the outside of the scarf.
 Turning the corner...

My scarf well under way. I do change my stitches to the opposite side before I stop so that when I pick up my knitting once again, I am ready to go. This is a bit more work than working in the round, but still works pretty slick. Better than using knitting needles. Off to finish my Ruffle Scarf...

Frilly Scarf made with KK flower loom disappointment

I thought I had bought all of the Knifty Knitter looms. *sigh* I guess I missed one, the Knifty Knitter spool loom. Of course that's the one I needed for the Frilly Scarf I wanted to make. The video (below with link) recommended that particular loom but also suggested the flower loom using only six pegs. So I went with the flower loom with six pegs instead. As I was winding it, it became more and more difficult to put a loop onto the peg. I used Patons Pirouette which is a gorgeous yarn to work with. Maybe another brand would work on the flower loom with only six pegs, but this one does not.  I'm searching for the Spool Loom and yes, I did find one on a web site, but it costs $27 to ship it....really???? Give me a break. I'm looking at other options....stay tuned!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Ruffle Scarf

My poor blogs have been badly neglected. I was surfing Youtube today, looking for a video on how to make those ruffle scarves on my knifty knitter looms and came across one video:

Youtube ruffle scarf video

I am anxious to try it, so I bought a ball of Patons Pirouette scarf yarn and hope to sit down and try it within the next week.

I also found this written link:

Ruffle scarf pattern on Knifty knitter looms

I have been wanting to make this scarf but all I had was the how to with knitting needles which I do not like using. Can't wait to try these!