Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cool storage for my Copics and Spectrum Noir Markers

I've discovered Pinterest. Yeah, I'm addicted. But in my defense I have found crafting heaven. Anyways, as I was surfing and checking out other people's pins, I came across this pin to store artist markers.
So I went to the local hardware store and bought a $30 wine rack and placed plastic beer cups where the bottles should be and then, I filled the cups with my markers. Totally awesome! The best part, I'm organized and my markers are beautifully displayed! Yeah Pinterest! :-)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Getting the hang of my juicy markers

I finally got my markers that were back ordered from Custom Crops. I'm playing. I am just getting use to how juicy these markers really are. I find that the color combos blend well but they are not what my artist eye wants to see. I was playing with some of the pinks and I find them gawdy a bit. Now the problem could just be me not knowing how to use these markers. I think I'm Copic handicapped because I want to use them like my Copics and they simply aren't a Copic. I certainly need more practice. Both Copics and Spectrums are alcohol based but different. I prefer the Copic rosy skin tones and yet the Spectrum skin tones are OK. The makers come in 6 packs and three markers are on the cool side and the other three are on the warm side. I happened to mix them up by accident (the lightest shade in the skirt belonged to the other set)...yeah don't do that. I should have checked my markers, although I shouldn't have to do that, for dryness. I found another marker that was dry, so that made my pink blouse go funky because I had to use one from my Copics to finish off the blouse. The two types blended OK. I had trouble with the hair because of the juicyness of the markers. I will try another stamped image tomorrow with other colors. I think I just may need practice. 

So why did I buy Spectrums even though I had Copics? Copics are expensive and I did not buy the refillables. Spectrums are refillable and are much more economical. I did not have all the color families in the Copics, the Spectrums came in sets with warms and cools in the set. 

There are several good videos on Crafters Companion website:

Spectrum videos

They also have worksheets that teach you how to color images:

Spectrum Downloads

I also found this young lady on Youtube. She's amazing. Too bad, she's only done two videos:

Great Youtube video    Second Youtube video

I'm going to keep practicing with my Spectrums because I want to give them a really good chance. If others can create beautiful blended images with them, I should be able to also. I just have to remember that they do not blend like copics because they are more fluid. That's the key. Back to practicing....