Monday, November 25, 2013

A few more dog hats...

Just because I like how they turned out!

A bit too large for the poodle. She's starting to be a bit of a ham! Who knew modelling was in her future???

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Creating a cute dog hat

We don't take the poodle out very often, but during Winter when it's -30, she wears her dog sweater and we wrap her up in a warm blanket. For cooler days she just wears her sweater leaving her little head exposed. I haven't crocheted in ages, so I doubted my abilities to follow a pattern. I could not find any free patterns to make that I liked so I bought and downloaded this pattern and gave it a whirl:

Crocheted Dog hat pattern

This pattern was fairly easy to follow and when I couldn't remember how to make a stitch I quickly searched  and continued to create. The only part of the pattern that confused me (and it doesn't take much) were the directions on how to make the pom pom. After I made them I knew I was not doing them correctly, so once again, I searched it on and found a really good and simple how to:

How to make a pom pom link

On the second hat, I decided to try my hand at a crocheted heart and found some pretty good directions here:

Crocheted heart instructions

I did have to take apart my first try and redo it but it came out quite nicely in the end.

A few more links that may help you:

Working in yarn ends

How to do a half double crochet

How to triple crochet

Changing Yarn color

How to double crochet

How to chain

How to single crochet

Here's my poodle modeling: