Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ladies slippers, crochet

Opa slippers

I bought the pattern in the link above and then I made modifications! I loved how wide the slippers were...lots of toe room. I made the slippers as per the pattern. When it came to make the top flaps, I skipped that and made an over sized flower instead. Then I sewed with a darning needle and a piece of pink yarn the flower to the slipper.

I used this flower pattern:

Flower Pattern

The petals curled as I was making them. I liked it so much, I never uncurled them, just left them as they were.

I used Bernat Softee Chunkee yarn.

I think they turned out pretty good! I'm not as rusty at crocheting as I thought!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Joining yarn invisibly

Great little tutorial from this website:

Joining Yarn tutorial

Found this on Pinterest and keeping it here for me for safekeeping. I've seen it often on Pinterest, but this morning I found it with written directions to accompany the picture tutorial.